Fumage art

I am an artist work in a medium called Fumage, in which I use an open flame to create soot on the surface of clay-board or canvas. I then work into the soot medium with brush, cloth and point tips to create uniquely beautiful animal and wildlife portraits. When I discovered Fumage art. I fell in love with the way it produced a subtle, organic foundation to work into. I could achieve both soft and hard-edged effects that were very pleasing.

I’ve loved animals and wildlife since childhood, when pencil and ink were my main medium. I spent hours drawing and studying animals and felt a connection specifically to horses and wolves that I still feel to this day.When I’m painting animals or creating wildlife art, I try to do more than look at the subject, I try to understand it. When I depict an animal, meticulous study of its musculature, bone structure, habits and habitat help me to not only refine what I see, but to hopefully reflect the animal’s essence. It is a soulful, spiritual endeavor for me.